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All you need to use K’Ching fully is a current account with our young person’s account!

Young person’s account: a must-have!

If you’re saving up for things like your favourite band’s latest gig or a holiday in the sun, you’ll want money for it as soon as possible. The last thing you need is having to pay for a current account... Luckily, we have a special account for young people aged 10 to 24 that doesn’t cost you a thing. And of course you get the benefits free of charge as well! Withdraw money anywhere in Belgium and the rest of Europe at no extra cost and get a second debit card you can personalise with a favourite photo. If you link your account to K’Ching, you can easily pay your friends back with our MobilePay feature or the Payconiq app, and quickly check if there’s any money on your account.

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Enjoy the benefits of our young person’s account

  • Get two debit cards (+ replacement)
  • Bank on your phone with K'Ching and on your PC, laptop or tablet
  • Make over-the-counter and ATM cash withdrawals
  • Pay in almost any shop, filling station or restaurant and on virtually any website
  • Transfer money to your own or others' accounts
  • Withdraw cash using MobileCash on your phone with no need for your debit card - just K'Ching!
  • Transfer money easily via K'Ching using our MobilePay feature or the Payconiq app

How much money can you withdraw?

  Standard limit for under-18s Maximum limit for under-18s
Day limit for cash withdrawals 120 euro 500 euro
Weekly limit for cash withdrawals 900 euro 5.000 euro
Weekly limit for payments 900 euro 2.500 euro

Want to open a free young person’s account? Ask your parents to get you one now!

Open a free young person's account
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